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Financial Forecasting The Percent-of-Sales Method Budgeting Basics and Beyond

percentage of sales method

It is mostly said that items of expenses or balance items that are to be forecasted should have a close relationship with sales, then only accurate forecasts will be there. It means items should have a direct relationship with sales.

  • In the previous illustration, the company reports $160,000 as the total of its accounts receivable at the end of Year Two.
  • The strategy involves following a list of topics on which the company wants to focus, and then finding as many areas as possible where they can reach their customers.
  • A simple method of determining a budget in which the amount allocated is the amount that can be afforded; also called the What-We-Can Afford Method, the Affordable Method and the Arbitrary Method.
  • That is because the bad debt expense was recognized when the company recorded the estimated uncollectable amount in the period of respective sales recognition.
  • Calculating the percentage of sales is converting the historical costs into net sales percentage and then applying this percentage to the forecast level of sales.

Hence the increase in production will need acquisition of new fixed assets. Group of individual accounts whose sum totals a general ledger account balance. For example, machinery and electrical equipment industries typically record average receivables at 20-30% of sales (80-90 days), compared to retailers at 1-5% , as shown in Figure 5. The method helps in setting up clear and measurable objectives for the company. The ultimate goal of any business is to generate sales and this model takes sales as the measuring unit that helps the company to not get distracted by other issues.

Determining the Sales Forecast

From there, she would determine the forecasted value of the previously referenced accounts. Determine if a correlation between sales and specific line items you want to forecast exists. Determine whether there is a historical correlation between sales and the item to be forecasted. Credit sales carry a great deal of risk despite their convenience, including processing fees. Bad credit expense refers to purchases that go uncollected due to credit card complications on the customer end.

  • Apply line items’ relative percentages to your forecasted sales figure.
  • First, each component of working capital as a percentage of sales is calculated.
  • In this context, a manager assumes that balance sheet accounts such as assets and liabilities generally will vary proportionately to the variation in sales figures.
  • From sales funnel facts to sales email figures, here are the sales statistics that will help you grow leads and close deals.

The Percentage of Sales Method is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales. With this method, you will be able to get a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t in your business. By using this method, you can make more informed decisions about how to improve your current marketing strategies and how to create new ones that are better suited for your business. It works by using percentages of your total sales and how much of your total sales are made up of different products and services.


It helps quantify the amount of external borrowing required. Financial forecasting is an essential part of all financial planning of a corporation as it is the basis for budgeting activities and estimating future financing needs of the company. Financial forecasting typically involves forecasting sales and expenses incurred to generate those sales. When making a financial forecast, directors typically use an estimate of various expenses, sales & liabilities and the most widely used method for making such projections is the percent-of-sales method. In the percent of sales method, assets, liabilities & total expenses are estimated as a percentage of sales that are then compared with projected sales. These numbers are then used to design a pro forma balance sheet. Those percentages are then applied to future sales estimates to project each line item’s future value.

percentage of sales method

Another drawback is that it is highly dependent on sales forecasts. If the sales forecast is faulty, a whole calculation will be faulty. Higher working capital would attract higher interest costs and low profitability, and lower working capital would pose a problem to the smoothness of the operating cycle. The percentage of sales methods can be used to increase your sales through a blog post.

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